File Force Download can be used to force the user's web browser to download the file to disk instead of displaying it in the browser window.

Web browsers today are pre-configured to render various types of media directly, such as text files, various image, video and audio formats, PDF documents, and Flash movies. While it is still possible to save such files afterwards by right-clicking on them and selecting "Save As..", it is sometimes desirable to just offer the file for download in the first place. File Force Download solves this issue by supplying a file with certain HTTP headers which instruct the web browser to download the file to the user's disk instead of displaying it in a browser window.

What you get from this module

  • Formatters for your node fields in the "Display Fields" interface
  • Formatters for your fields in Views

7.x version supports

  • File field
  • Image field (including styles)

6.x version supports


  • Consider using a web server configuration first, especially if you have a high-traffic site and your settings should apply across the board to all files of a specific set of types.

Upgrading to Drupal 7

The upgrade routine provides as many automated updates as possible, but, sadly, cannot transfer all your Drupal 6 configurations to Drupal 7, mostly due to lack of general upgraders for modules like Views and Image, and also due to modules like Image and Upload also being integrated inside the Drupal 7 core. For more details on the upgrade process, please refer to #1007760: Drupal 7 port.



The development of this module is supported by Joy Group.

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