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The Doubtfire module provides a fast and reliable method for administrators to log in, or "disguise", themselves as other users with no password required.

We've found it to be very useful during the development of new sites, and role-specific debugging problems on the sites we maintain. The original user is stored in the PHP session allowing the administrator to switch back at any time.

Doubtfire can be toggled on and off, when it is toggled on an action bar appears at the bottom of the page with user search and filter functionality. There is also a favourites list to mark a user's individual favourites to disguise as. This bar persists throughout your journey through users allowing you to continue searching.


  • Navigational arrows to move back/forward between users
  • Minimise action bar button
  • Search by user ID
  • Users recently disguised as
  • Block integration to view specific pages as user role

Doubtfire is in its infancy, suggestions are more than welcome!

Differences to the existing Masquerade module:

  • The action bar perists throughout the entire journey
  • User search and filters baked into the bar
  • User favourite system for rapidly moving around
  • Easily switch back to the root user you began your journey from
  • Disguise as anonymous user
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