There are a few CSS files already in Classy. They have .theme. in their file names, because those were the names when the files were moved. We original were going to work with a two step process of copying everything to Classy and then rename/reorganize everything. We are too close to release to use a two step process. Other CSS that is being copied will have the correct names and folders. This issue is to clean up the ones that are already there.

See attached screenshot.

1) Remove the .theme. from the file names.
2) Move them from the folders they are in now, which were named similar to the template folders, and put them into an appropriate folder named for the category they are in. It looks like the three there now belong in css/theme since they are added in the theme category.

1) See if these should be moved to component.
2) Evaluate the library names. The comment library doesn't need to be called 'drupal.comment.threaded' but that is what it was probably called when it was in the comment module. We could use a simpler name. But, if changing the library names is disruptive, leave it as-is.

Beta phase evaluation

Issue category Task because nothing is broken
Issue priority Not critical because nothing is broken
Prioritized changes The main goal of this issue is put Classy's files into a more shippable state.
Disruption For most existing 8 sites there should be no disruption. Any disruption for fringe cases would be easily fixed.
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davidhernandez created an issue. See original summary.

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I think you will like this patch:

  1. Bye bye .theme.
  2. CSS files renamed to match the names of the components within them
  3. Libraries renamed to match the name of the CSS files
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+++ b/core/themes/classy/classy.libraries.yml
@@ -7,14 +7,14 @@ base:
+      css/components/indented.css: {}

Oh, good call.

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Status: Postponed » Closed (fixed)

This was completed in the other issue.