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This module provides the ability for users to vote on various node, assigning a score to each one. The average overall score and number of votes are displayed below each node.

Users do not see the vote results, until they have voted.

The module is useful in many situations, for example, to rate articles, forum posts, stories.

Several blocks are provided to display top voted for nodes, top scored nodes, and top voting users.

Permissions are used to determine which roles can vote, as well as which roles can see the results.

Voting can be limited to one or more node type (e.g. image, page, ...etc).

Users can earn points when they vote, if the user points module is installed.

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New for 4.7

- Votes can be displayed as "stars", or as text, or both (configurable). The site admin can replace the shape and color of the stars by replacing the two star_on.png and star_off.png with PNG files of your choice.

- Vote results are now visible in teaser view as well as node view, with each view having a different format (stars, text, both).

- Users can now vote on their own nodes.

- Users can change their vote.

- The database table is now created automatically when the module is first enabled.


- By default, anonymous users cannot vote. This will prevent vote rigging by logging off, and voting multiple times. However, it seems that some would still want that functionlity. To enable it, some code editing is required. Please check the workaround here for detail.

- You may want to use the xtracker module in conjunction with nodevote, replacing Drupal's tracker. It allows you to display nodes sorted by score.


To install this module, upload or copy the entire nodevote directory to your modules directory.


To enable this module do the following:

1. Go to Admin -> Modules, and enable nodevote. The database table will be created automatically.

2. Go to Admin -> Settings -> nodevote.

Enable the node types that you want users to vote on, and enter a desciption for the vote (optional).

3. Go to Admin -> Access Control and enable voting/viewing for the roles you want. For example, you may want Authenticated users to view the votes, but paying customers to do the voting.


Khalid Baheyeldin of

The author can also be contacted for paid customizations of this module as well as Drupal consulting,
installation, development, and customizations.

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