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The Track'n Stack module allows community members to compose music or jam together. At any time, registered users can create a new track or add new files on existing ones.

Browsing and Collaborating

In the left menu, under Track'n Stack, you can create a new track, browse all tracks or your collaborations only. Click on Browse all tracks to see all tracks which are currently available for collaboration.

Click on the title to see an history of all files that have been submitted thus far for this track. You can listen to the track by clicking on one of suggested mix-downs or play on the embedded player (jPlayer) if a compatible mixdown exists. When you find a track you want to work on, click on "Check out" to prevent other users from being able to work on the same track. Participants have the choice to download the mixdown of the files that have been submitted thus far or download each of them individually. Once a track is "Checked Out", no one will be able to access it until the person who checked it out checks a new file in. If the person who checked out the track does not provide a file within x days, the lock expires and the track becomes available for editing once again.

Once you have checked out the track, you must create a new file and then upload it by clicking on the Browse my collabs menu, locating the track you are working on and clicking on "Check in". You'll be asked to locate up to three files on your local disk.

Creating and Managing your own Track

You can start a new track by clicking on "Track" under the "Create Content" menu or "Create track" under the Track'n Stack menu. This opens up a form that you must fill out.

Title The track's working title.
Body Indicate a brief description of the track or instructions such as the theme, time restrictions, etc...
Tempo, Time Signature and Main Key Optional fields but may be very useful to other participants.
Files Select files you want to submit.

Leave all other settings to their default values and then click on "Submit". This creates a new track that can now be seen by all users.

Once someone has added a new file to a track that you have initiated, a new mixdown will be automatically created including the new file and you will receive an e-mail telling you that your track has changed.

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