Last updated 25 January 2018.

People around the world contribute to Drupal for all sorts of reasons:

More contributions mean less work—for others and for you. 1+1 makes 11. Drupal believes in synergy which makes a win-win situation for everyone. Moreover, more contributions mean more business..When you write a documentation page or answer questions, you invite others to respond with their own helpful comments. Moreover, your words become part of a conversation that drives the Drupal project. When you contribute code to Drupal, you just don't just help others—you also invite them to test, repair, improve, maintain, and document your code along with you. Contributors at Drupal are welcomed to find bugs, add new feature supports and do much more.

Contributors are soul of Drupal. They build, write, teach, communicate, and organize Drupal events and such contribution sprints have great influence on the future of Drupal.

Contributing helps you learn Drupal faster. Nothing will improve your understanding of Drupal like explaining it to someone else—or taking pieces of it apart and fixing them.

Your contributions to the Drupal project are public. Anyone around the world can learn your name and admire the evidence of your Drupal skill.

Drupal community members are awesome people. The Drupal community is filled with talented and enthusiastic people, most of whom enjoy working with others like themselves. Contributing is a great way to demonstrate your skills and interests-and initiate conversations with the community members who share them. Happy Learning.