We use Twig 1.16.2, the latest stable is Twig 1.18.0.

The latest version of Twig introduce a profiler component that we can use in the Webprofiler module to show Twig performances (more informations here: http://symfony.com/blog/new-in-symfony-2-7-twig-profiler), see the attached screenshot for an overview about the data we can collect.

#6 twig_profiler_full.png547.6 KBlussoluca
#1 updatetwig_to_latest-2472961-1.patch177.64 KBlussoluca
PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [PHP 5.4 MySQL] 91,543 pass(es). View
twig_profiler.jpg17.21 KBlussoluca
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PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [PHP 5.4 MySQL] 91,543 pass(es). View
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Title: UpdateTwig to latest stable » Update Twig to latest stable
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I guess this will pass

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Could probably do with a bit of manual testing. OTOH is only a minor version update so let's live dangerously.

Committed and pushed to 8.0.x. Thanks!

  • webchick committed 028f530 on 8.0.x
    Issue #2472961 by lussoluca: Update Twig to latest stable
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Woot! Thanks webchick, now we can have this:

Twig profiler report

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Very cool! :)

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Tagging, closed #2462393: Upgrade Twig to 1.18.1 from 1.18.0 as a duplicate.

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