I briefly checked and about 95% of the test code is duplication and from getInfo it can be seen it was written with copypaste.



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I will be working on this, just to let everyone know.

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I spoke with chx on IRC and here is the result. I have "fixed" most of the code. The exception is mostly ProfileTest2TestCase, which I cleaned up a little bit, but otherwise am stuck on.

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Some small changes. Got rid of module_list() in getInfo functions, and some style fixes.

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I told Tistur to feel free to upload the whole test, there is hardly any point in bothering with a patch at this point... very nice job, I hope I will have time to test later.

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@Tistur: I will review later...feel free to set this assigned to you.

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Had to make a number of changes to make it proper PHP so I could run it. After running it I came up with the following:

399 passes, 298 fails and 539 exceptions.

This test needs a large amount of work.

Methods should all be camelCase unlike: test_simple_field.

I believe coding standards would say setUp( ) would be setUp() and similar with others.

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This could really use to be started over again. I may get around to it. Otherwise anyone else is free to it.

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The core profile test has been rewritten already.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.