I'd like to be able to set it up so my site sends out an email to definable role(s) a list of all scheduled events within a definable time frame.

I don't want to send anything else in this "weekly newsletter" just upcoming events with this info:
- event title
- start time
- stop time
- URL to the node
- teaser

I'd also like a field in the event node to "remove this event from weekly email broadcast"

And one more feature....in the event node creation, have an option to send an email immediately to a given role upon creation/updating this event (hitting submit). Include the same info as above.

I do have a small budget to make this happen.

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Subscriptions 2.0 (currently in beta test) already does most of what you're asking for. I just wrote a small add-on module to make the start and end event times available to Subscriptions, and I was going to offer this as a contribution to Event as soon as Subscriptions 2.0 was released, but if there's interest, I can post it now.

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Oh yeah, I'm very interested. I'd be happy to test too.

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Ok, now that you have Subscriptions 2.0 BETA working, here's subscriptions_event...

(remove ".txt" and "_.txt" from the file names.)

EDIT: I should have mentioned how to get the event timestamps into your notification emails: Below the line

}}| Title: !title


{{!event_start==!event_start?:| Event: !event_start}}{{!event_end==!event_end?:  --  !event_end}}{{!event_start==!event_start?:

(that's one long line and two closing braces on a second line of their own)

Event module adds a number of timestamps to the nodes, and I'm not sure which one to pick. I used $node->event['start_format'] and $node->event['end_format']. This may be wrong, depending on your timezone settings, but I'm not sure whether Event itself is getting it right every time yet.

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the code you mention above to add....what file do you add that too?

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and this will just add the event start and stop time info in the email that is sent out?

The plan was to have an email that goes out once a week with info on all the events coming within the next month regardless if those events were new or edited.

Of course the fields you are adding are needed but it's a matter of how to collect specific data.

And they will also have a few different node types that go into the calendar so I'd hope that this code would not just be applied to the stock event node type but other custom created event content types....

...can it be done?

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thinking about this more....would it be better to spin this off to a separate, stand-alone module? Just focused on doing the one thing....emailing out just events coming up in the next x# (admin definable) days?

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Project: Event » Notify
Version: 5.x-2.x-dev » 5.x-1.x-dev
Component: Basic Event » User interface

Or could this be a job for (a modified) notify...?

However, I don't want just 'new' events sent out....and I know there is a hack to include edited nodes to be sent out in the notifications. And I know there is a patch to allow you to specify which node-types you want to send out.

So then the only mod is to tell it to only send out events scheduled for the next x# of days in the future....

I'm not a coder....anyone willing to help? Maybe ues the notify module as it's foundation and alter it to a new module that just does this? I am willing to sponsor it.

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#4: The code should be added on admin/build/mail_edit/subscriptions-node-type-event or whatever content type you have enabled for events.

You can enable digest mode and set the Send Interval to one week. You can edit the digest template on admin/build/mail_edit/subscriptions-digest.

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Project: Notify » Subscriptions
Version: 5.x-1.x-dev » 5.x-2.0

Things are clicking (in my brain)....I'm just a bit slow sometimes! :)

With regards to the event subscriptions part of things....will the above instructions you give just include the new/edited events in the subscriptions mailout?

What I want is to include only events that are coming up in the upcoming week...not necessarily new/edited events that are months away from now...

Can this be done?

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

No, sorry, that's not part of Subscriptions.

That kind of functionality would need to be implemented in Event.

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Project: Subscriptions » Event
Version: 5.x-2.0 » 5.x-2.x-dev

any chance of this being worked into the event module?

I'd be willing to help fund it's development

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What's the state of the art here now? I'm considering starting a custom module for this. Anyone still interested in funding its completion?

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I have a 90% completed module that does this (somewhat reliably). It is a sub-module of thenotifications module

I don't have CVS access to post the module. I paid to have the module done and haven't gotten around to fixing some bugs (which the developer is stuck on as well).

Would you like to help?

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I'd be happy to test/read source code/have a look and then assess whether I'd like to push this or try different way. If that sounds good to you, certainly feel free to attach it here, or send it to me directly at ...

info -at- sticksallison.com

What sort of bugs are you looking at?

thanks, regards, &c.

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Project: Event » Notifications
Version: 5.x-2.x-dev » 5.x-1.2
Component: User interface » Code
Status: Closed (won't fix) » Active
9.75 KB

here it is....it's been sooooo long since I tried to use it. I should refresh my memory.

put this folder in your 'notifications' modules folder and enable it.

I had it working on one site perfectly and then I went to install it on a second site and it wouldn't work.

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For anyone else who finds this thread there's now a notifications_views module included with Notifications 2.0, haven't tested it yet but I need it for a project I'm doing research on. So basically you just create a view with the details you want emailed and users subscribe to it.

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I was wondering if you could explain the notifications-view module a bit more. I can't seem to subscribe to views.

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I cannot seem to find any documentation on this feature either. Could somebody post some additional information or point to right links?

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Sorry for the late reply, I *should* be looking at this in the next few weeks so I'll report back.

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Version: 5.x-1.2 » 6.x-4.x-dev
Status: Active » Postponed

Not really interested on any new feature for 5.x. An upgraded module would be nice for 6.x though. Postponing till then.

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Status: Postponed » Active

Hi Jose,

Please forgive my un-postponing this.

Turns out your last note was on my birthday, and with my birthday coming up again, I thought I'd check in on this thread.

I notice that there is a notifications_views module now. Is it possible to do this with that module? (I'm unable to find any documentation on how that would happen).

Beyond that, of course feel free to postpone this again. I just wanted to bump this issue to see if others have found other ways around this issue.

regards and thanks!


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After much searching around, I finally tried writing my own module.

Then, in the middle of that effort, I found this:

And there it says:
"Works great with Insert View to place the content of a view into a newsletter. (eg: [view:recent_articles=20])"

... which is just what we need IF your view is set up to show upcoming events!

So far I have Event View working reasonably. Next step, scheduled simplenews articles.

It's a start, and might work for folks checking out this thread.