I'd love for someone to create a signature.module which replaces the simple signature capability currently in Drupal. A signature is an small HTML fragment which is appended to a user's post.

The following are on the wish list:

- add/delete/edit user multiple signatures via web forms.
- upload a file with lots of signatures (1 per line)
- user may opt to share his signature collection so others can use his content in their sig collections. if shared, a link appears on that user's account page
- append a random signature from the user's collection of sigs at posting time (like Kjartan's sig in email).
- if permitted, a user may insert variables into his signature. By variables, I mean any value that is in the variables table. A lame example would be This has interesting possibilities, given that the variables table now has an easy import mechanism via variable.module. For example, a create a sig like:

Email the webmaster at %site_mail if you have a question

At posting time, signature.module substitutes replaces %site_mail with the value of variable_get("site_mail", "") and appends the signature.


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Component: Other » base system
Status: Active » Closed (fixed)