Download opendeals-7.x-1.33-core.tar.gztar.gz 7.49 MB
MD5: 7868cb0933c7eb466600eb4efc45a752
SHA-1: d0def010e2b410ee508db77473d96d1c482b919c
SHA-256: 5ac01e59ed9a074aa7d2c7532ef4a5e7d7797decfc1d05c24b17b07c6dac6d38
Download opendeals-7.x-1.33-core.zipzip 9 MB
MD5: 4092137ce9a9171f3ca2beea55fa14e0
SHA-1: 21119d4580c9539bda2230671c67932e030074dd
SHA-256: f8180c9d90c7a9b1fd973cb0acc1937488ff84fcfabc0c65f7162614e8d996da
Download opendeals-7.x-1.33-no-core.tar.gztar.gz 4.4 MB
MD5: ac99d18ffdd40c4d89a9300078b2be75
SHA-1: 4bf5ce7c7d44954dd5a75d66fd3d57b37142c906
SHA-256: 5c13d5c8b4aed24fbaff5914ba7408f15d57b065d72d9c73912435c22087d628
Download opendeals-7.x-1.33-no-core.zipzip 5.36 MB
MD5: af6b2a7d05daa624768606c71184afcc
SHA-1: 73d8c9ddce5dccf4802bb09e6d94495b5339decf
SHA-256: bf0aec9329b5826dab1f75d34dcaa6549213554580bc2bca79589c2df6d39e38
Download opendeals-7.x-1.33.tar.gztar.gz 874.97 KB
MD5: 5a56854244d0ac09fe16d7b77eeb348c
SHA-1: 25698c53ab2135b47d3c9afdde3ce66ae60e43d7
SHA-256: 0709ed58eb785e02b0831fe70cb990f6adc7e5cf575e8d507d11906793ff1c14
Download opendeals-7.x-1.33.zipzip 915.35 KB
MD5: 0bdfce10df533f0734d2e86454d06afd
SHA-1: 3b7d9c09e4472e9a0be46fd2549037c0fe0422dd
SHA-256: 0e7563fd969050cb39a482b9d6eac2ed938456e9ef599a3183887ef9292b6a07

Release info

Created by: yannisc
Created on: 11 Jul 2014 at 18:31 UTC
Last updated: 11 Jul 2014 at 18:33 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x

Release notes

Updated Drupal core and modules to the latest versions.

In this package

Project Version Status
Chaos tool suite (ctools) 7.x-1.4
Not secure
Date 7.x-2.7
Not secure
Drupal Commerce 7.x-1.9
Not secure
Entity API 7.x-1.5
Not secure
References 7.x-2.1
Not secure
Views 7.x-3.8
Not secure
Webform 7.x-3.20
Not secure
XML sitemap 7.x-2.0
Not secure
Address Field 7.x-1.0-beta5
Update available
Administration menu 7.x-3.0-rc4
Update available
Javascript Timer 7.x-1.3
Update available
Pathauto 7.x-1.2
Update available
Rules 7.x-2.7
Update available
Token 7.x-1.5
Update available
Wysiwyg 7.x-2.2
Update available
Administrative pages 7.x-1.0
Up to date
Commerce Google Analytics 7.x-1.1
Up to date
Default Content 7.x-1.0-alpha9
Up to date
Diff 7.x-2.0
Up to date
Features 7.x-1.0
Up to date
Google Analytics 7.x-1.4
Up to date
Module Filter 7.x-1.8
Up to date
Pathologic 7.x-2.12
Up to date
String Overrides 7.x-1.8
Up to date
Strongarm 7.x-2.0
Up to date


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