This is a port to Drupal 6x based on fixing the errors pointed out by coder.module


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Works here. Thx.

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Status: Needs review » Reviewed & tested by the community

+1 works here too.

Marking RTBC.

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works for me too!

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works ok for me too. When will it be submited as a 6.x module?

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It doesn't really look like this module is actively developed anymore. Maybe someone else would want to take over developing it?

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Works for me as well

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Cool, but can you make a .dev release? Textile doesn't show up as even under development for D6 in upgrade status. Ta! :)

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Is this any closer to being submitted as a dev release for Drupal 6? A lot of people don't know how to apply patches, so you're not getting nearly as many people trying this out as would be if there was a dev release available.

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Title: Drupal 6 Port » Textile - Drupal 6 Port

I've given this some testing on my site and confirm it works. You will have to source the latest version of the Textile class file from somewhere though. The one that is currently available from Textism doesn't work.

I suggest you get the latest version of Textpattern CMS and extract it from the /textpattern directory in the tarball.

Please someone make a dev or something of this!!

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Works here, too.

I've only had difficulties to get the "pre." block modifier working, for whatever reason. The latest classTextile.php can easily be acquired from the Textpattern svn repository at, so there's even little need to grab the whole Textpattern CMS tarball at all.

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I had issues with trying that method - I only mention the TXP tarball because it worked for me.

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Thanks, works (at first glance) fine for me!

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Working on this now. Patches should have been made w/cvs diff -u, but I'm working it out.

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Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Closed (fixed)

Comitted. New release pending.

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We salute you, sir. :p

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Woo hoo!

korayal’s picture this problem still occurs in the latest 6.x version.

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Make sure you have your filters in the correct order - try out the textile class in an input format on its own.

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Have been using this for some time without issue, please make a 6.0 release?