During the cleanup of node.html.twig the discussion about how "naked" stark should be - is stark gonna have any classes in it for .node__content, node__meta etc. or sohuld it be up to the individual theme to create these, or is it anothe basetheme that should clean all that out for those pesky themers that wanna theme naked ?

Proposed resolution

Remove node__meta, node__content, node__links, node__submitted out of starks node.html.twig
keep them in bartik.

Remaining tasks

User interface changes

API changes


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Well if we still view Stark as a demonstration of a naked core as much as possible, then all these extra things should have no place there. If we want to create a starter theme based on a naked core, then we may want to create a separate theme or something. There is value in having a theme that does naked core output.

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Parent issue: » #2277913: meta: the role of stark & bartik in Drupal8 twig

Morten opened up an issue (#2277913: meta: the role of stark & bartik in Drupal8 twig) to discuss the bigger picture discussion related to this issue. That needs to be decided before markup on individual issues like this are altered.

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