The live environment URLs are wrong. I will provide a patch to fix this.

#1 2174129-fix_live_urls-1.patch1.03 KBguillaumev
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Status: Active » Needs review
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Here is the patch.

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The patch looks right, I guess the API has changed from last time I saw it(v21).

Sadly I do not have access to an account anymore.
Soon, probably next week, I'll be reviewing other patches, and probably I'll be giving you access to add them ;-)

Thanks for reporting, and sorry for not noticing the issues(you, bad d.o not notifying me by default).

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@guillaumev, you now have access to the git repository.
Sorry about the extremely big delay here.

As mentioned I do not have anymore access to a real visanet account, so if you tested the new values, please add it to the repository.