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How to Create an Image Gallery in Drupal

Last updated on
November 1, 2016 - 16:31

Here is one way to to make an image gallery in Drupal 7 (the same theory will hold for Drupal 6 and, I presume, Drupal 8). This will create an "Image Gallery" content type, with images within each gallery re-orderable by 'drag and drop'. Here we go.

You will need:


  • First off, enable the modules listed above.
  • Then we need to create a content type. In this case, we'll call it "Image Gallery".
  • Next, we need to create an image field inside this content type.
    • Choose "Image" as the field type and "Multiupload" as the widget type.
    • Set the number of allowed values for this field to "Unlimited".
  • Create some image presets (admin/config/media/image-styles), such as:
    • Gallery Thumbnail (150px x 150px) - used on the gallery page to list the images in that gallery.
    • Gallery Full Size (1000px wide) - used in an overlay when Gallery Thumbnail images are clicked on.
  • Go to your "Manage Display" page for this content type and for "Full Content" set the following displays for the image field
    • Label = Hidden
    • Image = Colorbox
      • On the colorbox settings, set "Content Image Style" as "Gallery Thumbnail" and "Colorbox Image Style" as the "Gallery Full Size"
      • There are some other options here as well. Feel free to experiment.
      • Click "Update".
    • Click "Save".

Now you are ready to create an image gallery. You may need some CSS to float the images left/right and set some margins/padding.

You can then use Views to list the galleries and link each item in the list to its corresponding gallery.