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The vimcolor module highlights code in many different formats. VIM is a common programmers text editor for (usually) unix based systems. Out of the box VIM can color the syntax of 200+ languages including PHP, Perl, C, HTML, Fortran, Haskell, Java, etc.

This module is similar in functionality to the codefilter.module. In fact, this module's code was originally a duplicate of codefilter's code and then modified to fit. The difference being that vimcolor.module is much more powerful, and takes more steps to install. Some web hosts may not even be able to support vimcolor.module. If all you need is PHP code coloring, use codefilter.module.

If you are currently useing codefilter.module you should be able to seamlessly upgrade to vimcolor.module without having to modify any of your current content since vimcolor.module supports all of codefilter.module's formatting commands.

Visit for a sample of code higlighted useing vimcolor.module.


  • Perl version 5.6 or better (5.8 is best).
  • The text editor VIM.
  • The Perl module Text::VimColor (available on CPAN).
  • A unix-type system. Text::VimColor doesn't run too well on Windows.


  • Package Text::Vimcolor with this module so that people don't have to install it.
  • Each block of code starts a whole new instance of Perl. I need to write a wrapper script that will only load once no matter how many blocks of code needing to be colorized.
  • Perhaps rewrite Text::VimColor in PHP.


  • <code type="language">...</code>
    Explicitly declare the type of language that this code is written in.
  • <code>...</code>
    Leaves it up to vim to guess what language the code is written in. If vim can't guess the language then the code is not color coded. Vim is not too great at guessing, so its usually easier to specify the type.
  • <?php ... ?>
    Highlights PHP code. This is the same as doing <code type="php"><?php ... ?></code>.

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