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If you have a valid file_uri_scheme (e.g. public) and the directory exists then an attempt is made to use is_writable('public://mydirectory/myfile') which will return FALSE as we are passing a URI instead of full filename to is_writable

Using drupal_realpath($directory) will not always work either as passing a full filename to drupal_realpath instead of a URI will return FALSE from drupal_realpath.

I would suggest this:

$writable = is_writable(drupal_realpath($directory) == FALSE ? $directory : drupal_realpath($directory));

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Another solution (for Drupal 7)

You can solve this issue by defining your own Stream Wrapper.

 * Implements hook_stream_wrappers().
function MYMODULE_stream_wrappers() {
  return array(
    'syspublic' => array(
      'name' => t("Default distribution files"),
      'class' => 'SysPublicStreamWrapper',
      'description' => t("Visible, readable and writeable local path"),

 * Default sys (syspublic://) stream wrapper class.
class SysPublicStreamWrapper extends DrupalPublicStreamWrapper {
  public function getDirectoryPath() {
    return 'sites/default/files/sys';

Via: Writing Stream Wrappers