No variables used in the script so lower bootstrap level is needed

Related #2023495: Make bootstrap three steps

#5 stats-boot.patch1.32 KBandypost
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Not part of CMI

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DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_DATABASE is gone. Maybe try one earlier?

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Title: statistics.php needs just DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_DATABASE level » statistics.php needs a lower bootstrap level
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Let's see, at least cache and database are needed

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I'd go with DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_PAGE_CACHE for now, which is directly before _VARIABLES, so you don't have to manually include and

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I see no any reason to disturb page cache at all, this works on kernel

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The only question is - do we able to override this request by kernel only.

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Nice patch.

Your question doesn't quite parse for me. Care to rephrase it?

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KERNEL works, too.

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The question was about ability to override this dumb implementation in contrib to be more performant.
Because better to check that node exists and find some way to protect 'statistics.php'

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Ah right. Yes, I expect that some js_alter would let you change the ajax callback to a different route.

Protecting statistics.php might be best done outside of PHP like in .htaccess or similar. But really someone can hit your node page 100 times in a row so it would be natural that statistics.php gets hit 100 times as well. If you don't protect the node page, why would you protect the statistics.php page? DOS protection is best done with Cloudflare, Akamai, etc.

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Committed/pushed to 8.x, thanks!

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Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.