Form API uses the string "...higher or equal to...", which must be "...higher than or equal to...". I also changed the lower than equivalent for consistency.

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#2 formapinumberafter.png48.54 KBandymartha
#1 drupal_2084681_1.patch1.86 KBXano
PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 58,984 pass(es).
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PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 58,984 pass(es).
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After applying the patch drupal_2084681_1.patch by Xano in #1 to a Drupal 8 fresh install from 9/1, the patch applied cleanly and changed the error message with no perceived changed anywhere else.


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Status:Reviewed & tested by the community» Fixed


Committed and pushed to 8.x. Thanks!

Status:Fixed» Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.