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Note: This page was last updated sometime in 2008. Today there are new solutions available for e-commerce in Drupal, including native solutions like Drupal Commerce and integrated solutions like Magento. Additionally, the content in the chart may not even be up to date. This page still exists as an historical record of projects at the time, but charts like this really fall short on their pertinence and accuracy. External reviews should be consulted instead at the time you desire to build a new e-commerce website.

 Default Features Drupal e-Commerce Ubercart Zen Cart OSCommerce
Cash On Delivery
LinkPoint API
YourPay API
NoChex Apc
Paypal IPN
PayPal Website Payment Pro
Paypal Express Checkout
Credit Card AIM SIM
Shipping Methods        
Free Shipping
Per Item
Per Unit
Store Pickup
United Parcel Service
United States Postal Services
Zone Rates
Weight Quote
MySQL 4.1
MySQL 5.0
PostgreSQL √*

* = coding needed


Customizing Drupal e-Commerce UberCart Zen Cart OSCommerce
Implementing 3 3 2 2
Theming 4 4 1 1
Business Logic 4 4 1 1
Currency 4 3 3 3
Rating : 1 - Advanced Computer
Skills to 5 - Less Computer Skills
Security Features Drupal eCommerce Drupal UberCart Zen Cart OSCommerce
Force Cookie Usage √* √*
Check SSL Session ID √* √*
Check User Agent √* √*
Check IP Address √* √*
Prevent Spider Session √* √*
Recreate Session √* √*
√* = Availabled on 3rd Party Modules

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wjaspers’s picture

This is a tad out of date.
Drupal Commerce is missing, as well as Magento

silverwing’s picture

The last edit to this page was in 2008, so it definitely could use some work! (And formatting help, too!)

I changed the input filter so anyone can edit it now.


SJourney’s picture

Anyone want to jump in?

rszrama’s picture

I reverted the change adding empty columns for Magento and Drupal Commerce, as that was even more confusing than not having them present. People would simply view the page and wonder if those projects could do anything at all (at least that was feedback I was getting from DC users). If we're going to add a column, it should have content and not just be a placeholder waiting for someone to actually do the research.

That said, this page should just die. I've added a note at the top with the quick rationale and changed the title to make it clear that this is an antiquated chart. If we're going to add new solutions, we'd first want to remove the irrelevant ones (e.g. OSCommerce) and update the existing content (surely something in there has changed). Additionally, we'd want to actually compare meaningful features / points of integration.

Ultimately, this will just fall short, and evaluators would be much better served by reviews from non-involved technical publications / blogs that can evaluate the most modern solutions against modern e-commerce requirements. Perhaps this page can simply be turned into a place to collect links to such reviews instead of a perpetually outdated / irrelevant table?

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