We believe in the strength of positive communities. That’s why we spend our days creating them online at our offices in London’s Tech City. Our approach to building websites is strategic, not techno-centric; we realise the depth and level of understanding required to build and nurture a successful online community. By implementing key social psychology principles into over 40 digital projects since 2004, we have built long lasting, meaningful relationships between our clients and their audiences, fans, activists, members, customers and stakeholders. Each of our bespoke online communities significantly increases participation and engagement, ensuring impact and growth.

An important part of our vision is to help make the world a better place which means we choose to work with those who have a positive impact on society: Teach First, the University of Cambridge, Pearson, the Department for Education, British Council, Cambridge University Press, Amnesty International, CIMA, MSF and the Tate.

We use Drupal, a powerful open source CMS framework, to build all of our websites and online communities - and are proud to be part of its incredibly strong global community. As well as the Drupal Association, we’re members of BIMA and techUK, Acquia partners, and co-founders of the annual DrupalCamp London.

Drupal contributions

  • NHS My Health London
  • Drupal.org case study for BrightLemon in conjunction with Reading Room & NHS My Health London
  • Drupal Commons
  • We helped build Drupal Commons in with Acquia in 2013

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