Part of meta-issue #2002650: [meta] improve maintainability by removing unused local variables

File /core/modules/views/views.module

Line 125: Unused local variable $plugin
Line 196: Unused local variable $display_id
Line 1264: Unused local variable $field_name
Line 1272: Unused local variable $area_name
Line 1289: Unused local variable $field_name
Line 1297: Unused local variable $area_name

#6 core-remove-unused-local-variables-views.module-2057157.patch2.77 KBlegolasbo
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I've located all six of these variables and have come to the conclusion that every one of them is a key in a foreach loop. I think removing these won't do the performance of their functions any good, but will reduce code understandability.

In my opinion we should leave these variables untouched.

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@legolasbo: Can you explain what you mean? I think removing the key in the foreach() makes sense. I don't know how it reduces understandability. Can you explain? Thanks.

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Perhaps it's just me, but I usually like to know what an array is keyed by if I loop trough it. Even though i don't always use the key variable I always define it and give it a meaningfull name. If I ever need to alter something I will instantly know what the array is keyed by without having to guess/look trough documentation/use devel.

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Hmm, that goes directly against #2002650: [meta] improve maintainability by removing unused local variables. I guess it really depends but in many cases I strongly disagree with you, such as:

foreach ($things as $thing) {

I don't want to know if its

foreach ($things as $id => $thing) {


foreach ($things as $weight => $thing) {

or whatever. I just want a $thing, do whatever I want with it and be done. Also not using variables can be risky for the reasons explained in the meta issue. If the code were to use the second example in this post, and my $thing actually contains a weighted list of other things I can easily end-up re-using $weight which will lead to bugs.

So, yeah, I really think we should do this, actually.

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I've also given this some thought over the past couple of days and i agree with your case in #4. The risk of introducing bugs outweighs the benefit of knowing what a key represents. I'll remove the variables and post a patch shortly.

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Attached patch removes the unused variables

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Awesome. I checked that the variables are in fact unused. Thanks!

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Committed and pushed to 8.x. Thanks!

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