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Last updated: July 31, 2013 - 15:16

Release notes

After the release of 7.x-5.1, the -dev version used a class naming convention that ended up not matching the Drupal 8 class naming convention that was developed later.

Since many, many developers used the -dev version on production sites, the 7.x-5.2 release of Zen uses the same class naming convention that existed in the -dev version. This makes updating from the -dev version to 7.x-5.2 easy.

The 7.x-5.3 version of Zen, however, uses the class naming convention that matches the one developed for Drupal 8.

Please read the instructions at for information on how to upgrade your Zen sub-theme to this version or to 7.x-5.2.

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Changes since 7.x-5.1:

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