Last updated 7 July 2013. Created on 6 July 2013.
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This page describes how to theme with the Getlocations module.

Almost all of Getlocations output can be themed.

All maps pass through function theme_getlocations_show() in getlocations.module. If you want to theme the map and the immediate surroundings then copy this function to your theme's template.php, renaming it appropriately.

The content of InfoWindows in the map can be themed in function theme_getlocations_adinfo().

The Getlocations Search form can be themed using function theme_getlocations_search_form() in getlocations_search.module.

The Getlocations Fields module also has a number of theme functions, use these to change the way that Getlocations Fields look and behave.

Views has its own theming mechanism so you need to use that to theme Getlocations Views.

This page is under development, more soon....

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