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This page describes how to configure the Getlocations module.

As soon as you have installed Getlocations configure the map settings at admin/config/services/getlocations to your site's needs, these setttings will be used by the Getlocations submodules.
Google maps API version 3 does not require a key, see this page for details about why you might want a key.
Decide on the default size of the map and set it on the Configuration form. You can set the Default map center, zoom and map type by setting these on the Preview map.
If you want the new look "Google Visual Refresh" then ensure that the checkbox is checked.
You will also want to set the Default marker for the available content types.
For most of the other settings the defaults will probably be fine.

Once you have configured Getlocations you should also check and save the settings in any submodules you may have enabled.

Do the initial configuration in the order described, Getlocations first, then the submodules, it's a lot less work that way.

If you have enabled Getlocations Search you should visit the Menu Configuration form and enable the link to it in the "Navigation" menu.
The Getlocations Search map is a good way to get familiar with Google maps, it writes no data so it's quite safe to use. If you have enabled Google Autocomplete you can also find out how good (or not so good) it supports addresses in your locale.

This page is under development, more soon....

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