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There must be a way to grab the url of a privouse node in [previous-page:url:absolute]

Is it possible to add a token that gets the HTTP_REFERER in future?


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Project: Drupal core » Token
Version: 8.x-dev » 7.x-1.x-dev
Component: token system » Code

This should be added to the token module, not drupal core.

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Yes thank you its the token module im refering to... and im sure theres alot of people who would appriciate this... or i can write something and the can add the patch ..#smh :p

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Oh yes. I am in the situation of having a custom AccessDenied page with a link to the login form. But I want the user to login and then be redirected to the original page he wanted to see. This could be done via a link to /user/login?destination=[current-page:referrer:url:relative] or the like.

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