My host, (skip them in your hunt), has been unable to provide me with adequate uptime or support; the best they could offer is upgrading my plan. Their new (and as yet unpublicized) VPS plan was too expensive, both for me and in comparison with other hosts. I finally decided it was time to get serious with finding a new hosting company. This has been a very "interesting" experience, so I thought I'd share it with you.

I sent the following to each hosting contact:

Request for Pricing

We currently have a reseller account at a hosting company that is not meeting our needs for up time and support. Therefore we are soliciting bids from other hosting companies to replace this service.

Our current usage:

  • Live sites: 8.
  • Planned Sites: 3.
  • All sites are using Drupal 5.1 CMS or OSCommerce, installed with Fantastico.
  • My Sql: 4.1.23.
  • PHP: 5.1.6.
  • MySql databases: 8.
  • Total disk storage: approx. 200MB.
  • Total bandwidth: approx. 2GB/month.
  • RedHat Linux.
  • Domains registered with Godaddy.

Probable expansion in next 12 months:

(All are estimates based on current knowledge)

  • Additional sites: 8.
  • Additional disk space: 500MB.
  • Additional bandwidth: 3GB/month.
  • All sites migrating to multi-site Drupal 6.x.
  • MySql databases: 20.
  • All sites running MySql 5.x.
  • All sites running PHP 5.x.


  • Linux (Windows is not acceptable).
  • MySql 5.1.x with phpMyAdmin.
  • PHP 5.2.x, with accelerator.
  • PHP Safe mode is not acceptable.
  • RAID 5 disk storage (non-RAID is not acceptable).
  • Service Up time: 99.8% or better (including all components), with penalties for not meeting the SLA.
  • 24x7 support with responses in 2 hours or less.
  • Daily back ups that can be restored if needed.
  • Non-separated MySql server.
  • Average query time: 3 ms or better.
  • Cron access.
  • Capability to view server status.
  • Capability to increase memory allocation in php.ini or settings.php.
  • Capability to alter Apache vhost parameters (needed for migrating Drupal).
  • Capability to view PHP memory usage.
  • Capability to host pictures to be used on eBay.
  • Capability to host "alternative lifestyle" content (no illegal content).


Please respond with the following information to xxx@yyyy.zzz.

  • Package name.
  • Pricing for monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual payments.
  • MySql version.
  • PHP version.
  • Name and version of PHP accelerator.
  • CPU type and speed.
  • Disk storage type and size.
  • Meet/Not Meet the above preferences.
  • Domains are addressed as,,, etc. rather than as sub sites.
  • Whether or not you have experience hosting Drupal sites.
  • Whether or not you will assist with the move.

How did they do?

Company Response Time Response
HostICan < ½ hr. Only pointed to a VPS plan and said, "You should be able to easily do this using..." Too expensive for me.
Hostmonster 1½ hrs No answers, only "We offer only one hosting plan... To see a list of all the features included, please visit..." - Their web site does NOT answer all my questions.
Bluehost 1½ hrs Identical to Hostmonster - Also note you may not respond via email, and sales questions do not participate in their ticket system, so no follow up is possible.
Crucial Paradigm 28½ hrs "...99% of Support tickets are answered within 30 minutes. Billing and Sales we ask to allow for up to 72 hours though most are answered a lot quicker." - What a concept! Answered most questions. MySql 4.1.22 - no mention of upgrade plans. "PHP 4.4.7 and 5.2.3 on all reseller servers though we don't run a PHP accelerator as we run PHPsuexec which provides a higher level of security for our servers though in turn does not allow us to run an accelerator." Interesting response since their page says "Zend Optimizer." "...Capability to increase memory allocation in php.ini or settings.php? -- No this is not an option although you can customize the php.ini file in your account." Isn't that what I asked for? "Capability to alter Apache vhost parameters... No you won't be able to do this though our techs will be able to for you." Didn't understand a few questions, but the tech's name suggests that English may not be his first language. "..we also host a Drupal hosting to developers..." They will assist with the move.
Polurnet > 7 days As of this writing, they have yet to respond. I can only assume they don't want my business.
Drupal Value Hosting < 1hr "Steve" answered all question, including the ones he might have thought negative. He then answered a couple of follow up questions very quickly. Payment appears to be yearly only. Disk is RAID-0. Note: their web site needs work.
ANHosting 12 hrs Answered "Everything that you are requesting is available standard with our Reseller programs here is a link to the plan..." No actual answers to my questions. Email answer came from Midphase, but link was to Autica (3 separate companies?) Appear to have only monthly and quarterly payments- Expensive plan.
Site5 14½ hrs Did answer some questions, however, I am nervous with answers like this: "CPU type and speed. - Don't have the exact details on this, we run dual dual core cpus. Disk storage type and size - Again, don't have the exact size, but we run with 6HDs in a raid array." [I'd bet that this information is on the site.] Not currently on MySql 5, but upgrading early next year. Flexible payment options. They do not help with the move, but have a Wiki article on how to do it.

So where does this leave me?

Only Drupal Value Hosting, Site5, and Crucial Paradigm bothered to read and answer my request. I am completely disregarding all the rest as unworthy of my money.

It concerns me a bit that Site5 couldn't take a few seconds to look up the CPU and disk specifications. On the positive side, they appear to have RAID disks (having already had one disk loss with my current host, this is important). They plan to upgrade to MySql 5 early next year - but can I count in it? Their payments plans appear more flexible.

Drupal Value Hosting is a bit more expensive and only has a yearly payment plan. Look at their name - DRUPAL. Their disks are RAID-0, which is not really RAID and actually decreases the reliability of the array in order to gain speed. They answered all my questions very quickly.

Crucial Paradigm's apparent emphasis on current customers over new ones is interesting, although it tends to indicate that the sales and support staffs are not separate functions. Running a fairly old, and unsupported, version of MySql concerns me to the point of probably not going any further with them. I don't currently know anything about "PHPsuexec" so I can't really say anything about it. However, I am also concerned about the lack of an accelerator. Theor web page does not indicate any pricing except monthly, and is a bit higher than I'd like, although the plan exceeds my needs considerably. They do have an affiliate program. [Folow up: PHPsuexec is a CGI implementation of PHP - there are a number of posts on DO that indicate this is bad for Drupal.]


I allowed the responding hosts to review this article before posting it. I got some responses back.

  • "DNS propagation from our Data Centre hardly takes 30-45 minutes to become operational" - Nice, if it really happens across the web like that.
  • Yes, we have flexible pricing; you must go to step 3 of the order process to see it. (As I said, their site can use some work. One should not need to go that far.)
  • "...We have a free premium hosting account offer in place for one month period to help prospective customers try out our hosting infrastructure and the experience of doing business with us." Handy feature.
  • "...We are adding overall 14 machines with a combination of Raid 5 and Raid 10 configs from mid-Jan in our private rackspace. Orders for the hardware are already in place. But till that time only Raid-0 disc striping." [RAID links are mine.]
  • Has an affiliate program. (I guess that would put me in competition with myself?)
  • Will sell a limited number of reseller accounts.
  • Most of our newer servers have 2x dual-core Woodcrest 5130s at 2GHz per core.
  • CentOS 4.5.
  • 6x500GB SATA drives in a PERC5 controller card in a RAID10 array.
  • We offer PHP 4 for now. We will be phasing it out early next year due to it being end-of-lifed.
Crucial Paradigm
  • We have a 32MB PHP Memory usage limit, and as far as I know we don't have that option compiled into PHP (viewing how much PHP is using).
  • Regarding running RAID 5, vs. RAID 1 - we actually made the conscious decision
    to use Raid 1 across 2 drives, and have a third drive dedicated to backups… Data corruption is very rare, but we prefer to cover all circumstances!
  • We do actually have Zend Optimizer on all our shared and reseller servers! The confusion was that we don't run a more advanced PHP accelerator like eAccelerator or xcache as these are not compatible with phpsuexec.
  • Our billing, sales, and tech support are not combined, and separate teams so no need to worry about that! We were however consulting our techs to make sure all your questions were answered accurately and correctly.
  • We do actually have discounts available when paid quarterly, semi-annually, and anually.
  • In the near future,
    we do plan to make MySQL 5 available on our newer servers - so its not too far



Price (3, 6, 12 mons.)


Crucial Paradigm

$49.95 / $99.95 / $199.50



No / Yes
$31.50 / $60.00 / $114.00

$49.50 / $96.00 / $180.00

2000GB / 200GB

9000GB / 1000GB

$31.50 / $57.00 / $102.00



My Choice?

Crucial is a bit more expensive and has less disk space, but more included reseller features. Expense is an important issue for me; the reseller features are not. Site5 and DrupalValueHosting are kind of a toss-up with current postive and negatives that will be addressed soon; both offer far more resources than I need.

I could toss a coin, but that's not the way I do things. So, I guess I have to go with my feelings, and I got the feeling that DVH was a bit more hungry for my business. We'll see.



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Wow!! I've been thinking over this VPS hosting issue for about a week now (to be my first move from shared hosting) - your post (more like a review in a computer magazine) is JUST-IN-TIME for me. THANK YOU Nancy.

NancyDru’s picture

You're welcome. I guess the style comes from all those years doing similar things for computer centers.

DrupalValueHosting’s picture

Appreciate the objective reporting and analysis of the Hosting providers!

We are now offering our BlowoutPackage at 50% discount coupons exclusively at drupal forums.
COUPON CODE: HalfPriceBlowout50p
It also includes one free domain name!

Hence, one year hosting at $5/month with 2000Gb Space and 9000Gb monthly bandwidth + 1 domain name free!

More details about the offer here :

PS: the link above also includes server infrastructure details which is our main USP

Some customer testimonials here:


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You responded to the original review's claim that DVH does not have flexible payment options by mentioning that on step 3 is where you can configure payment options. The only flexibility for payment on step 3 is either 12 or 24 month plans. Will there be any 3 or 6 month plans available anytime soon?


DrupalValueHosting’s picture

Hi Jeff,

We still retain several pricing options:
#1. For ValuePrivateIP package (1/3/6/12 months)

#2. For BlowoutPackage2008 (12/24 months)
More info here:

#3. For "World's Best Hosting Package" (1/12/24 months)
More info here:

PS: Let us not discuss this on Nancy's thread, as this has its own unique purpose. please post queries about DVH on our other two threads (links above). I would be happy to answer more queries.


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promotion ended?

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avoid drupal value hosting at all costs. They have a very bad reputation here.

~silverwing- I am not joking about this.

NancyDru’s picture

I am still with DVH (around a year). Yes, I have some concerns about customer service in the last few months. However, my sites run wonderfully and are generally faster than my back up sites on my local PC. Downtime is nearly non-existent. They are launching some new services that look interesting, including a new theme bank.

And no, I am not an employee or agent of DVH; I gain nothing by posting this.

wwwoliondorcom’s picture


Can you tell us what's wrong with them ?


NancyDru’s picture

There was a period several months ago when there were accusations and counter-accusations, many of which were posted by competitors. At some point, DVH was banned for allegedly spamming the boards. I disagreed with how all that was handled, but my opinion is not in consideration.

DVH's customer service has been poor lately. Hopefully the two new CS people will help resolve that situation.

Finally, the Drupal Association is bothered by the use of "Drupal" in their name. Trademark infringement cases are notoriously difficult to win

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Although response can be a reflection on the company as a whole, remember that those responding may just be sales people who have nothing to do with support later. So take that into account.

Another important factor on a VPS is how much RAM do you have. This determines how many apache processes you can fit in memory, and that becomes more crucial as you have more and more modules. It is even more crucial when you have multisite, and just ONE site has 100+ modules enabled, while all the others have 20 or so. Apache will be bloated regardless.

For VPS (and dedicated), I always recommend to clients and have never been disappointed. They are not the cheapest, but their support is top notch, and they know what they are doing.
Drupal performance tuning, development, customization and consulting:
Personal blog:

Drupal performance tuning and optimization, hosting, development, and consulting:, Inc. and Twitter at: @2bits
Personal blog: Ba

NancyDru’s picture

Even though they weren't my selection, Crucial wrote and thanked me for this article. Kudos to them.

Nancy W.
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As I love christmas presents I made one to myself and ordered a drupalvaluehosting package on dec 23rd. My first impressions after 2 days of testing and playing around:

- support center anwsers quickly and helpfully
- cpanel is excellent
- drupal works like a charm (so as some others I tested like phplist, lifetype, b2evo, my old osc-demo loves globals on, so I couldn't test it yet)
- connection speed is nice

I am happy and its worth the price.


PS: I should not advertise this host, so it stays my own perfect speed ;)

DrupalValueHosting’s picture

thank you for the kind words.

Rest assured, your hosting will stay the way it is.. perfect speed :)

PS: took the liberty to add the link here:


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I'm a Drupal newbie but DVH is head & shoulders above GoDaddy! Any new sites I do (even non-Drupal) will be hosted with them.

silverwing’s picture

I'm personally trying to stay away from companies that offer "unlimited" or really high space and bandwidth (especially if they're 'larger' companies.)

Asking about resource/system usage and database connections - and when they'll unplug your site - is more important to me than bandwidth/diskspace. Especially with resource intensive scripts.


MisguidedThoughts | showcaseCMS

wwwoliondorcom’s picture

Can I know why you didn't contact Dreamhost ?


NancyDru’s picture

Because of comments posted here on DO - particularly related to database performance.

Nancy W.
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First, none of what is below is meant as a commentary on any of the hosting companies listed above. I just wanted to throw out some of the major items to consider when evaluating hosting plans. There is no best answer to anybody's particular hosting needs so pick the hoster that most suits your needs and budget.

For a much shorter version, silverwings post is a good one to look at.

Where specific server/plan numbers and prices are listed, those are just ones I pulled out of the air as examples and are typical of things I have come across, not a reflection of any actual plans or any specific hosting company.

Just a few quick notes on RAID and servers:
RAID 0 is technically not raid because there is no redundancy, even though it is a valid Raid level. It is just striping of data across the array, which helps on read/write speed. Loss of data will occur should there be a drive failure. This is usually used in environments where disk I/O speed is of concern but data integrity/loss is not an issue.

RAID 1 is mirrored drives. Depending on how this is set up, it can offer superior performance. It generally has better read performance with a slight hit on the write side. It is also expensive to run because the available storage is (drive capacity *N)/2 where N is the number of drives, which needs to be even and drive capacity is the storage capacity of the smallest drive, should different sized drives be used for some reason.

RAID 5, the most common, stripes the data across the drives, including parity data. Loss of a single drive will not cause data loss but there will be performance hit due to the need to calculate the loss data values on the fly until the drive is replaced. Available data storage is disk capacity * (N - 1) where N is the number of drives and the drive capacity is the storage capacity of the smallest drive, should different sized drives be used for some reason.

Any 2 digit RAID is the combination of the digits, e.g. RAID10 is actually 2 arrays mirrored with each array using RAID 0.

There is no answer as to what is the best since it depends on many variables.

An important issue is whether RAID is being done at the software level or hardware level. Hardware based RAID should be preferred and the performance of that depends on the RAID hardware, along with the drives being used. Software based RAID is slower and can consume a lot of CPU power, which means less CPU available to do the things you expect it to do.

Servers mean a lot of things to a lot of people with some hosters offering cheap servers that are basically a desktop computer put in a datacenter. Those are the offers you see saying you can have your own Pentium computer with 1GB RAM and 100GB IDE drive for $80 or whatever. Some hosters may use that kind of equipment as their actual servers to host shared plans. I'm just saying that your $5.99 a month with 500GB storage and 2Terabytes of monthly transfer may be run on a computer like above with a 1Mbit connection, which can only do about 300GB/month of throughput when maxed out or it may be on a nice 4way quad core box with 16GB or more of RAM and dual 1Gb network connections.

The performance you get from a shared plan can be impacted by other users that are sharing the same server. If one of them gets slashdotted, your sites may be impacted until that account gets suspended due to exceeding various limits. A VPS or your own server offers protection from that.

If you are reselling a hosting plan, then a large spike in traffic will affect all other clients you are hosting, since everybody is sharing. Its a smaller scale version of what I mentioned in the previous paragraph. This holds true for reselling VPS too.

The disk space and monthly transfer advertised are generally meaningless, as shown in the 1Mb connection example, they are there for marketing reasons because you will run generally run into limits listed in the fine print before you run out of the storage/transfer your plan advertises. What kind of limits? Inodes, for *nix boxes, cpu consumption, memory consumption, the bandwidth available to your server, e.g. is it a 1Mbit connection, 10Mbit, etc.

Other factors to look at:
-Do they own their own servers or are they resellers. Nothing wrong with resellers and some may provide superior help to the companies whose services they are reselling.
-Where is(are) the datacenters.
-What kind of pipes (data) are connected to the datacenter, the number of providers providing those pipes, etc.
-Security of the data center, because you don't want the servers your sites are hosted on to vanish and data center break ins do happen:
-What kind of electricity backup do they have: this is important for two reasons, HVAC and the continued operation of your servers. There have been several notable datacenter failures in the last year due to failure of the electrical backup systems, one of which brought down several notable sites including

That's just a short list, there are more things to look at and everything should be evaluated against your actual needs and budget but the greater your needs, the more expensive its going to get. High quality data environment and technical expertise are expensive, at least in America. If the technical is being off-shored then those costs drop dramatically.

If price is your primary concern, then be prepared to lower your expectations.

BTW, ANHosting is a company that MidPhase bought and continue to operate as a seperate marketing brand, from what I understand. Their support, sales, etc are from MidPhase. They have excellent technical support and the clients I have that use MidPhase have excellent performance on their site with Drupal + Ubercar. Those clients have fairly low traffic levels. I do not use MidPhase, or any of their brands, myself because I had different needs and not because of any dissatisfaction with them. If you do use them, make sure you enter the secret code. There is a link to it on their home page.

NancyDru’s picture

Thank you, Joel. Perhaps you could take the tutorial part of this and turn it into a handbook page for the services section.

I did not intend for this to be construed as finding the best host for everyone - only for me. What I did hope was that some others who are in the same situation might get some idea of how to conduct such a search in a more business-like way. It is a business decision and should include fact gathering. If a host is unwilling to help you get those facts, then skip them; they obviously feel they don't need you.

Nancy W.
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jscoble’s picture

I agree with what you that it is an individual business decision depending on specific needs, priorities and available budget.

I did not get the impression that you were trying to find the best host for everyone. That is why I tried to make it clear that I wasn't commenting on any specific hoster that had responded to you and that it would depend on each company's needs. The exception to this were my comments about MidPhase, which was a direct response to your wondering if the companies were related.

Given the thouroughness of your initial RFP and your follow-up with the information you received, I took it as an opportunity to explain some of the various factors that people, who are conducting such a search, should take into consideration and help explain some of the marketing and technical stuff that companies conducting such a search should take into consideration.

I will take you up on your suggestion and look into adding it as a handbook page after I organize it better and expand upon some of the information.

NancyDru’s picture

Once you do that, I may use some of my RFP and analysis as an example.

Nancy W.
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I've been with Site5 reseller account for a few months now and the uptime has been excellent, including the speed. Just to clarify they do support both PHP 4 and 5.2 at the moment and you have the option to switch between them using your .htaccess file.

I will admit their support is a little slow and if you want a faster response, then i think you need to pay a dollar each time.

There have been some people who haven't had much luck with them especially on the issue of installing Drupal under PHP 5. This kinds of baffles me because i have not had any issues. Maybe, it's dependent on which server you are on?

Good luck,

P.S. Try to avoid using Fantastico to install applications, they don't always provide the latest versions.

SpriteGF’s picture

I haven't had any issues with Site5 either (I think it *is* dependent on the server) but right now we're having a miserable uptime. My site's hosted on one of their shared servers (glaucus) and over the past month or so I've been experiencing massive slowdowns and timeouts. And today, the server hosting my sites has been inaccessible for nearly 18 hours, because there was a "partial hard drive failure" and they need to clone the disk.

I thought to myself, "why do they need to clone the disk if they have a backup?" So I asked about it to their support staff. It turns out the disk doesn't even use RAID.

invisible_swordsman’s picture


When talking about the Site5 you can quote Dante's words at hell's doors: "Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate", or "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here"

I am with site5 the last 3 or 4 years, and I can say, they are terrible, I am just packing and going away.

Look at and you will find a lot of reviews.

Site5 was sold some month ago, they are closing the data center and changing everything, they do things that you wouldn't believe and I' d need like 20 hours here just to tell the worse histories.

By example, yesterday it took me like 12 hours just to upload the drupal 6.9, because they where really slow,and in the end,of course I got Mysql problems, so I couldn't install it... I had to install from Fantastico, and that is the worse possible option, I just did it to see something on line after a day of useless work,today I am deleting it all and going to

Site5 has a lot of different servers, some,like mine, are so old that they couldn't upgrade it like the others,so they just gave up.. this was like 7-8 months ago.

BTW they doesn't have Mysql 5. They say in some places at that they have, then they say that it depends, and etc. i don't have Mysql 5 at my server, and I asked for a migration to another one, and they answered that they have not the Mysql5. This can be a lie and maybe they have it in some servers, but in a general way, they don't.

They know that they are loosing a lot of clients, but they can't do anything about it.

This is the kind of post you will find:

DOWN again and again (Multi-page thread 1 2 ) rayofshadow

Sometimes ftp is almost stopped,other times you can't enter at your control panel, then mail servers are down... and of course your site also. They have this kind of thing: it is all down by like 1 minute, 30 seconds,then before you open a ticket it is there again;and then it happens several times a day, during a week, then it stops and happens again some months later... imagine what that does with your clients e-mails..

I have a reseller account (yes, they have reseller accounts) and I almost loose clients because of downtimes. In fact,I prevented myself of getting a good client, a big layers office, because I knew that they e-mail would be on-off all the time and that I 'd loose the client anyway, and be get a legal problems.....

BTW, there is a great way to see if the company is a serious one or not. This method NEVER fails: just look and see if they offer UNLIMITED WEBSPACE - UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH

Look at Site's% homepage and you will see that everything is unlimited over there... And that doesn't exists,of course,it is just a big fat lie.

Some time ago, I saw at the community forums, that even my server been a nightmare ,there is people in worse situation...

The only reason I am still there is because Il ike to get a service and stay there. I stayed at until they were bought, they they became interland and then I don't remember what (hostpro ?)... and the service, worse and worse... it is a big problem to change everything, and I liked site5, even with some problems; and then I asked for php and mysql upgrade ,more then a year ago,and I endured the change of owners and etc, but there is always a limit.

Just to mention again: ANYONE who offers unlimited service is a liar.

D O N O T G O TH E R E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tishbi’s picture

DVH continues to surprise me. Not only they solved all my problems during free trial period (SSL settings, multiple hostnames), they now provide SSH access.
Support was always very fast and constructive.
Now I'm on BlowoutPackage2008 package with 50% discount ( details here: ).
Again, thanks for your post, because it was one of milestones of my 'conversion' to DVH :)

crazypenguin’s picture

i have had very good experiences with SteadFast Networks

Bluehost Blues

NancyDru’s picture

There is a long thread about experiences with hosts. This thread is about how to go about choosing a host after you use that list to narrow down your possibilities.

Nancy W.
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Nice research job Nancy. This post was the most helpful one I have read related to Drupal Hosting.

My preferences would be to utilize servers that reside in the US, so that rules out DVH. As a night owl 27/7 support is huge for me, so that rules out Site5.

This will be my first venture into a VPS service, so can I ask for a weigh-in first on how well managed VPS services are in general, and how widely does it vary? Do they take care of all server maintenance, patches, and upgrades? As a guy who went to art-school server upkeep is not my strong point.

Then specifically a weigh-in on Crucial Paradigm and their ability to handle the above?

Thanks again for all the thought that went into your research, and your willingness to share. How has DVH been working out for you?

Drupal Indianapolis Web Design

NancyDru’s picture

So far DVH has been great. They even moved the sites for me, and that took less than 8 hours for all my sites (overnight, so I don't know exactly how long it took).

My preferences would be to utilize servers that reside in the US, so that rules out DVH.

According to their web site, DVH has two data centers: Dallas and Seattle. Last I checked, both were still in the US.

Nancy W.
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danfinney’s picture

I'll have to go over their material again. I read some other posts here on the Drupal board that led me to believe otherwise. Have you checked your site IPs to make sure they reside in the US?

Drupal Indianapolis Web Design

adammichaelroach’s picture

Have you looked into A Small Orange? I've used them for three years and couldn't be happier. They are stable, reliable, and quick to answer questions. Any email I've sent to them has been responded to in less than 5 minutes.

NancyDru’s picture

Never heard of them. Perhaps you should post something in the hosting experiences thread rather than here.

Nancy W.
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danfinney’s picture

(you know the rest =-)

Drupal Indianapolis Web Design

NancyDru’s picture

I got my list of places to check from the hosting experiences thread. Had I seen this one, I might have checked them out.

Nancy W.
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danfinney’s picture

meant to send a PM, not a post.

andrewblack’s picture

sorry for this post, i interest for features. But i don't know about service that you mention above with this host. May be you have time to check it out.

NancyDru’s picture

There is another long post about hosting experiences, perhaps they've been mentioned there. They look okay at first glance.

andrewblack’s picture

know some people in DC have experienced with them?

wwwoliondorcom’s picture

Looking for MySql server to use with Dreamhost hosting


Imagine that you don't want to move all your websites from Dreamhost but that you would like faster MySql server, which company would you use? Is Dreamhost Private Server for MySq; any good?

And is it true that using different server for website hosting and database hosting is stupid?

What hosting company would be better to host websites and database on same server ?

Thanks a lot.