Dries indicated we should have a new maintainer for Seven. Lets remove Jeff as he seems to be less active

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major because holds innovations

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In this comment on #1989480: Progress Bar style update Dries asked if I was willing and able to take on maintainership of the Seven theme. Unfortunately, at the moment I’m not able to. I’ve already decided that I need a break from core in order to avoid burnout, and I’m dealing with some health issues (not major, but chronic). I simply would not be able to fulfill my duties as maintainer at the moment.

If any critical revisions are required to the Style Guide itself, I may be able to put in some time. I am following the associated meta issue #1986434: New visual style for Seven, so I will chime in if anyone asks.

As @Bojhan suggested elsewhere, I’d recommend @LewisNyman for the maintainer role. He has worked on the new Style Guide as hard as I have, and I know he wants to get this work into core. In the short term, it may help to offer this as a temporary maintainership, until D8 ships. In the longer term, it may be worth thinking about co-maintainership, with a designer and a developer working together on Seven going into D9.

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@LewisNyman sounds great! We need him to acknowledge and agree here though :)

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I’m just saying I would ask him next :)

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I'd be happy to talk about this. I've never maintained a contrib project, so I'd need to understand the responsibilities here.

For the record, Ryan would be my first choice to :-)

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Thanks @LewisNyman! Here's our docs on the component maintainer responsibilities:

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For your review. ;)

Edit: Sorry for the triple upload; airport wireless.

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Patch looks good. And passes tests! :D

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Congratulations! I think this will be really a huge step forward for design in Drupal.

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Great! I'm happy to make Lewis the maintainer and to work with him on the Seven style changes.

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Thanks for the support everyone! How could I say no? :-)

I read up on the responsibilities, sounds great to me. I'm looking forward to taking on this responsibility and to helping shape Seven.

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Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Fixed

Committed to 8.x. Congrats Lewis! :)

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Congrats Lewis and Seven!

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Congrats Lewis!! ;)

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