It seems that Corporate Clean is incompatible with language icons module ( as all language links and buttons get a line break after the inserted flag icon.


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Component: User interface » Code
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Category: feature » bug
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Issue tags: +Corporate Clean responsive theme
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Priority: Major » Critical
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It may not be the best choice, but it works... use this css code

a.translation-link img{
display: none;

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Hello RobertoGA,
thank you for your workaround idea, however it does not work for me (see attached photo).

Would you have another idea?


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I found the solution (for me):

In file: style.css
the line: a img { border:none; outline: none; display:block; overflow:hidden; }
the "display:block" should be removed, so that the line becomes:

a img { border:none; outline: none; overflow:hidden; }

On my website the removal of this did nothing negative, but now laguage icons (and printer friedly icon, too) are now in line with the text.


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It worked, thanks Stefan! (snuggles99)
I've been trying to troubleshoot the problem for hours on end. This was a life saver!