Last updated on
1 October 2016

In Drupal 8 and later, the Tour module can be used to display a sequence of JavaScript popups.

Primary use cases

Tours have two primary use cases:

  • To draw the user's attention to critical components of the interface, especially those elements that might not be immediately obvious
  • To guide the user through a workflow

General principles

The general principles of Tours are:

  • Tours are a complement (not a substitute) for good interface design.
  • Tour text should follow the Drupal style guide for interface text.
  • The tour should start and end in a logical place
  • If the tour is intended to illustrate a workflow, it should stay focused on completion of a single task. Avoid providing tangential information.
  • If the tour is intended to highlight the UI, it may not be necessary or desirable to include every option for every widget.
  • Keep tip content short, preferably 1 to 2 sentences.
  • Provide examples to give a deeper understanding of tips context.

More information

Guidelines for developing tours