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This module has recently gotten some new maintainers. Yay.

API for building modal ajax dialogs. Its focus is on putting forms inside of ajax popup dialogs.
Current example can present pages as popups (of the lightbox type). This is amazingly useful for things like confirmation pages. And the best part is it can be applied retroactively to a page without needing to modify the generating module, and (of course) it degrades gracefully.

Checkout a screencast of how slick this makes the Block admin page.

Cool New Features in 2.x Branch

  • Popup Skinning
  • JIT loading of all needed CSS and JS - with aggregation support
  • Popup Stack (multiple Popups in DOM at the same time)

Modules that use the Popups API

Drupal 5 Backport

The backport was sponsored by YourSphere Media, Inc.

Drupal 7 Plans

#374646: Popbox (Popups Lite): Adding Modal Dialogs to Confirmations

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