Drupal.editors.ckeditor.onChange() looks like this:

  onChange: function (element, callback) {
    var editor = CKEDITOR.dom.element.get(element).getEditor();
    if (editor) {
      var changed = function () {
      // @todo Make this more elegant once http://dev.ckeditor.com/ticket/9794
      // is fixed.
      editor.on('key', changed);
      editor.on('paste', changed);
      editor.on('afterCommandExec', changed);
    return !!editor;

As you can see, we're blocked on http://dev.ckeditor.com/ticket/9794 to get nicer and more reliable code there.

Sadly, editor.getData() does not yet contain the changes made by the latest keypress!

E.g.: the value is fooba. You type an 'r' at the end of this, now the visible value is foboar. But editor.getData() will still return fooba!

The temporary solution I found was to change the changed callback to wrap the call to editor.getData() in a window.setTimeout… not very nice, but it works for now:

      var changed = function () {
        window.setTimeout(function () {
        }, 0);
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Waiting on a better solution once ckeditor 4.2 ships. For now it works.

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This solution is not nice but atm I can't see how we can get round this... so committed 2f1a280 and pushed to 8.x. Thanks!

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Indeed :( But this will be fixed in the 4.2 release of CKEditor! :)

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