I'm trying to determine if Brilliant Gallery is suitable for a website. I have multiple pages with a single, different image on each page. Using this module, is it possible to put all of these images into a single gallery so that a user can click on it in order to go to that image in the gallery?

Here's a link to the site: http://math.ucalgary.ca/node/1835
As you can see, the current interface is difficult to navigate because it requires opening an event page to see that event's photo. The website is currently using Drupal 5, but the department intends to upgrade to 7 soon.


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Yes, use the formatter functionality described on the project page -- to your content type add a text field where you'll add the Picasa or Google+ Photo link or local folder, then select the BG formatter. Create as many gallery nodes of your content type as you need. Create a view with one image for each gallery (you can use the BG random image formatter) and link the image to its gallery page. Then you get something like http://vacilando.org/galleries

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Thank you! The page you linked is almost, but not quite, exactly what I'm looking for. I'm still wondering whether it's possible to click an image and immediately open its gallery without clicking through to a new page. To be clear, I want to simply click one image and make it behave like the images do in http://vacilando.org/node/25071, for example. Can I do that by setting the "maximumnumbertoshow" number to 1 and using the "beginfromoverride" number for the appropriate image?

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So basically that each time only 1 image from a gallery is displayed but when you click it you can paginate through the whole gallery, right?

No immediate solution for that. The pagination in overlay works because all the images are linked on the underlying page already. Maybe it could work by hiding all but one image from each gallery using CSS.

It could possibly be done by generating the whole gallery (so overlay pagination would work) but only one thumbnail, so effectively the other links would be invisible. Would require a bit of custom work though.

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OK, thanks for the suggestions. It looks like we will use Brilliant Gallery for the website, so I'll come back to this page after we've upgraded to Drupal 7 to say how we manage to create this style of gallery. I'm marking this issue postponed for now, feel free to reactivate it if you have further comments or help.