Some time ago I updated the CKEdtior to version 7.x-1.13+6-dev, with the core 4.x.

Everything seems to work fine, but there is one exception: when I try to edit old texts, I can see that the HTML code is displayed as in image 1 below:

If I try to fix the code, using the format of the editor, the generated code does not work, as we see in figure 2.

I'm using the WYSIWYG filter and I don't have done any changes in the filter, I need to solve this issue and would like to know if this problem is in the editor or in the filter.

In new sites I do not have this problem.

Can anyone help me?


ckeditor-02.png53.58 KBastutonet
ckeditor-01.png50.8 KBastutonet
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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

The problem was with the BBCode plugin. Just disabled it and everything is back to normal.