I have a multilingual site with a taxonomy using entity translation (English/Spanish).

The tokens [node:field-xxxxx:parents:join-path] and [node:field-place-identifier:name] when used in URL Alias Bulk Update should produce URL's with translated values based on the language of the node however what it produces are values translated according to the site language in force at the time of the update request.

By example (showing join-path only, name has same effect):
Site has 2 languages - English and Spanish.

current URL: www.xxxxx.com/something -- issue update then ALL paths (both languages) are in English (eg /accommodation and /es/accommodation NOT /accommodation and /es/alojamiento)

current URL: www.xxxxx.com/es/something -- issue update then ALL paths (both languages) are in Spanish (eg /alojamiento and /es/alojamiento NOT /accommodation and /es/alojamiento)


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I pretty much depends on the Drupal version, modules being used and configuration. I am using Entity Translation, Taxonomy Translation, Taxonomy Path Translation and had the same problem with the parents join pattern.

Not working: [node:field-xxx:parents:join:/]/[node:field-xxx:name-field]/[node:title]

Working correct: [node:field-xxx:parent:name-field]/[node:field-xxx:name-field]/[node:title]

Hope this might help others.

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.. and if anyone gets really stuck I have a custom tokenised version that works, I'll post it on request although I'm reluctant to do so as (1) it has some additional functionality "built-in" that I'd have to strip out first, and (2) the original node tokens really ought to be fixed rather than replaced with custom versions

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See possible solutions at #1892442: Pathauto based on menu items with internationalization using custom tokens.

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I have the exact same issue as the topic starter. The solution at #1892442 uses the referenced menu-item on the node. I'm not using a menu, so I'm looking for a solution based on the referenced term, with these: [node:field-category:parents:join-path]/[node:field-category:name]/[node:title]. Anyone has a clue?