I have a gofield with 4 coordinates and a geofield with 1. So I have 5 markers on the map.

The geofield with 1 coordinate is near fron a marker of the geofield with 4 coordinates.

When I activate the cluster, I have only 2 clusters with 2 points each. One of them shows 2 times the geofield with 4 (I don't know if it shows 2 different coordinates or the same), the other shows 2 times the geofield with one. The coordinates from the geofield with 4 are far from each other but they disappear and give a ponderated cluster location.

When I zoom to the max extent the cluster never disappears to show the original markers.

What's wrong ?

I tested with the original cluster behavior and the animated cluster. Nothing changes.



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Can you check with the dev version and report ?

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With the dev version, the regular cluster behavior changed.

It shows semi-transparent markers and only one of them for the geofield with 4.

Idem with the dynamic cluster but with the appropriate style.

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I can confirm #2 in both 7.x-2.0-beta5 and dev version.

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