I am using drupalchat with my own nodejs server. I log in 3-4 users through different browser windows. While i log out some of them, they still appear online in other users' chat lists.

Then, even when if i logout the remaining users and log in them again, the zombies-online names continue to appear on their lists.


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I have the same issue .I think from the maintainer of this module there is no longer support in nodejs integration. No nodejs issue is solved for a long time... I think they want us to buy their commercial solution ;-)
Did you solve the Problem?

Best regards

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No, unfortunately i didn't have the time to search for a solution. I agree that there is no chance of having an integration with Nodejs since there is a paid version from the developers of the module.

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If you are using heroku, please check the whether it is configured correctly, or is working correctly. You can see connection errors displayed in the web console if there are using heroku and having problems with configuration heroku installation.