I have a library module which defines a library and two variants:


The library has files, each variant has a subset of files in the library.

If you request a variant:

libraries_load('library', 'variant1')

first, then that is what is returned for all further requests to libraries load independent of the presence or absence of variant.

The following patch:

Index: sites/all/modules/libraries/libraries.module
--- sites/all/modules/libraries/libraries.module	(revision 12218)
+++ sites/all/modules/libraries/libraries.module	(working copy)
@@ -589,8 +589,10 @@
 function libraries_load($name, $variant = NULL) {
   $loaded = &drupal_static(__FUNCTION__, array());
+  $key = ($variant === NULL ? $name : $name . '.' . $variant) ;
-  if (!isset($loaded[$name])) {
+  if (!isset($loaded[$key])) {
     $library = cache_get($name, 'cache_libraries');
     if ($library) {
       $library = $library->data;
@@ -635,10 +637,10 @@
       // Invoke callbacks in the 'post-load' group.
       libraries_invoke('post-load', $library);
-    $loaded[$name] = $library;
+    $loaded[$key] = $library;
-  return $loaded[$name];
+  return $loaded[$key];

Fixes the problem by making sure that the $loaded array has different keys for all requests to libraries_load.


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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

Sorry for not following up earlier. This currently works as designed. You can only have one variant of a library at a time. I.e. you should not be able to load both the source and the minified variant of jquery at the same time.

In case you have a single library download that contains multiple libraries, you should not use variants for that. There's #2073603: Provide support for PHP file libraries containing multiple sub-libraries for that.