Well I have been trying to figure out this bug for a quite a while. I'm not sure if this should go in the lightbox2 issue queue or Omega's, so sorry if I posted in the wrong queue.

The homepage is built from the omega theme, with blocks where I applied alpha/omega classes too.

There is a link to a lightbox2 on the homepage, when I open and then close the lightbox, 10px of margin (left or right, I can't figure out which) gets added somewhere. (I'm not sure if 10px actually gets "added" or if some css is overridden that is overriding something). Because of this extra 10px, the blocks are now out of whack.

Is this happening for anyone else?

The only difference I can see in the code before and after closing the lightbox is the order in which some css classes are called. Other than that, the code appears to be exactly the same.

After closing the lightbox, .omega gets overriden somewhere. That is where I *think* the problem lies.


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Title:After closing lightbox2, blocks margins are messed up in the Omega theme (addition 10px added somewhere)» After closing lightbox2 (using lightmodal), blocks margins are messed up in the Omega theme (addition 10px added somewhere)
Project:Omega» Lightbox2
Version:7.x-3.1» 7.x-1.0-beta1

I'm changing this project to lightbox2.

Upon further investigation, it seems this issue happens only when you use lightmodal. If you use lightframe, it works as expected.