For a university course we are looking for help to turn our Axure-based prototype into a funtional prototype. The following core functions should be addressed (suggested modules attached):

Setting up a profile (incl. picture, expertise fields, "looking for...", etc.) --> Core user fields or profile2 contrib module?
- Users can set up circles (e.g. google plus) --> og module?
- Message between members --> private message module?
- Friend requests --> user_relationships or flag_friend?
- Matching algorithm (matches personal strenghts of one member to "looking for..." of another member) --> likely custom code
- Statistics for community host (who interacted with whom, number of , what are the current hot topics etc.) --> understats?
- User rating system (user can rate other users) --> rate or votingapi modules?

The project is due in 3 weeks. Therefore it would be great to talk to you asap. If you are interested please comment or write us a message under:

Cheers, Timo


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The list of functions does not need to be fully implemented.... so please don't be frightened by the long list:)