Actually I need to show custom error messages so i have to use field validation, but i need same error messages to display with client side validation but i it only shows default messages.
Any idea ?

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It does, you can alter individual messages using the technique outlined in #1896426: "FIELD-NAME is a required field" became "This field is required" upgrading to latest DEV

PS: This isn't critical

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Hello Ahmed

I guess the error is because you are using the token [bundle] and [entity-type], these tokens are not supported yet in clientside_validation.

The other options is you are experimenting an errore related with wrong error output, let me exemplify .

1. Email rule validation

You can notice I'm using the tokens [value] and [field-name], but when I use in client validation I got a strange error report, check the following image.

I did a small patch to fix that error attached in this post, please check and let me know if works for you

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Category: support » bug
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The only supported tokens are [value] and [field-name], see #1804784: Bug with support for Field Validation Tokens, adding support for other tokens means we need a way to pass the info from the php side to the js side

Marking this as a bug for the patch in #2, patch contains some white space errors, can you reroll?

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Helll attiks

Check the patch now, and let me know if works for you

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Status: Needs work » Fixed

Fixed in the latest dev version. Thanks for the patch!

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Can you do the commit with my sign ?

Pass the following option to git commit to attribute authorship to this user:
--author="enzo "

To get the contribution reported in my profile, you can get more information about "Adding a commit author"

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@-enzo- : The commit already has you as an author ;-)

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.