I created a content type called as "image & text". There're two issues with the filter. Here're the steps to reproduce the issues.

Issue 1:
1. Create a image & text with a title say "test12". And publish it.
2. Create another image & text with title "test1". Publish it.
3. Goto a ponopoly page and try to add content. In the "Piece of content" dropdown, search for image and try to add the "test1" image, the preview section will show the "test12" content. Upon saving the setting, you will the content showing for the "test12" instead of the "test1".

Possible reasons: The search criteria picks for the first appropriate item in the dropdown, in which the content titles are displayed in the order of their creation time.

Issue 2:
1. Create two text and images with same titles say test12.
2. Goto a ponopoly page and try to add content. In the "Piece of content" dropdown, try to search for the title in the panapoly, you would see only the older instance of the text and image reflecting in the dropwdown. It's unable to add another node with the same title.

Note: Although the titles are the same, but the node ids are different for the text and images.

Please help. How can i solve these two issues?

Thanks a lot!

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Thanks much for this bug report and this will take some thinking! Marking as postponed till after the RC4, but I have seen this problem too. It is related to how http://drupal.org/project/views_autocomplete_filters works.

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We should get back to thinking on this one :)

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