Hi everyone,

Here's the situation:

1. I have two content types called 'Book', and 'Book Summary'.
2. The 'Book Summary' content type has a node reference field to the Book 'content' type.

While viewing a 'Book' node, I'd like to include a custom link (called 'Add Book Summary') which allows the user to create a 'Book Summary' node, which references the 'Book' node that is 'currently being viewed'.

Great job on this module, and any help would be appreciated.


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I am searching for same functionality. Something like node/[nid]/add_reference/[field].
If there is no contribution module existing, any suggestion how do do it with some custom code would be great.

There is http://drupal.org/project/noderefcreate, but the workflow is different. I need an simple link to select/add node B as reference for node A, without needing to edit/save node A itself.