Right out of the box in Commerce Kickstart (downloaded 7.x-2.6 today), go to the content screen, choose "Filter by Slideshow"

Check all 3 of the default slideshows (all content of this type) and then use the VBO box at the bottom to "Delete"

When the view refreshes, the exposed "Slideshow" filter is still there, even though there are no slideshows left:
shows tag in filter

If you click the "X" on the tag, you get a throbber:
shows throbber

But then the page reloads and the tag is still there...

You can't even uncheck the slideshow option in the filter dropdown:
shows reloaded page, tag still there, no way to remove it

Clearing the query string resolves this problem...

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Project: Commerce Backoffice » Commerce Kickstart
Version: 7.x-1.2 » 7.x-2.x-dev

this looks like a Chosen issue.
It seems Chosen doesn't know to deal with Views with Filters set.
The Commerce Backoffice won't use Chosen by itself, so this is not a Commerce Backoffice issue
As the Chosen module it's introduced by Commerce Kickstart for Select Views Filters
and this issue it's related with unsupported version of Chosen (see : #2073309: Move to Chosen 2.x), i move this issue to CK.

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Issue summary: View changes

I can reproduce. However the issue doesn't occur if you disable Views AJAX :/ So maybe its a Views quirk?