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The SocialHub Entities module provides entity types representing the datatypes of the SocialHub Publisher API. All actions applied on these entities will automatically result in proper API requests.

This enables developers and site-builders (by Rules, Views, etc.) to make use of the SocialHub service without caring about API specific matters.

Entity types

Entity type For developers For site-builders
Machine name:
Class name:
API supported actions:
create, delete
Machine name:
Class name:
API supported actions:
create, update, delete

SocialHub reference module

The SocialHub reference module enables Posts to be connected with nodes and SocialHub comments to be connected with Drupal comments. This is done by attaching entity reference fields to SocialHub posts and comments.

Especially for Posts it enables the payload to be lazy-loaded. Meaning that is removes the necessity to have a payload set manually and instead using the referenced node and a list of fields (of the node) to be added to the payload.

Further information can be found on each detail page of SocialHub entities above.

Outgoing queue

To make sure nothing gets lost, all actions made on entities that trigger an outgoing request are enqueued for processing until they are successfully send to SocialHub.

An overview of the queue contents can be found at: /admin/config/services/socialhub/queue

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