I can't get page title to work with my view that has contextual filter (Has taxonomy term ID), on pages that look like this /page/%

Please help

#4 node.page_title.patch607 bytesandrea.failli
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same issue.. i have it as /stuff/%/%/%

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same problem here!

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Issue summary: View changes

same issue here!

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607 bytes

I have a view with path node/%/% where the first parameter is a node id.
The attached patch works fine for my purpose.
For some reason, menu_get_object() doesen't return the loaded node so I've modified the code to fallback with node_load(arg(1)).
Maybe the other submodules need a similar fallack...

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Same issue - I have the view with the contextual filter (Has taxonomy term ID), path taxonomy/term/%. The patch above does not resolve it.

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same problem here , i can not add the term-title to page title from a view page with products , i use commerce kickstart , that use product-category/% ...... i did not find a good answer , i have read something , to change the view page , with , page ( with title ) from view , but i don't know if i can change or i need to make another view with this specific page