I just downloaded the latest version of CKEditor (http://download.cksource.com/CKEditor/CKEditor/CKEditor%204.0.3/ckeditor...) and after doing an update.php I noticed that there are actually less buttons (in both filtered and full view) than there were in the previous version. For example, the obvious buttons that are missing are the alignment buttons.

Do I need to make any other configuration changes to get the latest version to be picked up?


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Download "full" package instead of the standard package from the CKEditor Download page.

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Thanks for that! I've downloaded the full version now. But in the editor section of the edit view page overlay the body section is not editable. The editor has alltogether disaperared. Not even the plain view is available.

In my Advanced settings for Path to CKEditor * I've got:

And the location of the ckeditor files is sites/all/modules/ckeditor/ckeditor/ckeditor/

Could this be the reason? Have I got one too many ckeditor folders in my structure?

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Update: I tried the same site in IE8, and the rich text editor IS displaying. However, a lot of the icons aren't displaying :S

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Yes, you have too many "ckeditor" folder. ckeditor.js (and the rest of editor files) should be located in sites/all/modules/ckeditor/ckeditor.

Clear Drupal cache, browser cache and issues should be gone.

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