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Login Screen
PM Vista - Add organization

PM Vista is a sub theme for Omega

PM Vista is being developed to make Project Management Module look good. PM Vista overrides few theme function used by PM module.

Related Themes
For D6 version of the module PM i.e. Storm, there is a theme called Tivity

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Pm Vista is a subtheme of Omega, so you will need to download 3.x version of Omega in order for this theme to work properly.

The demo site login have been disabled until some security issues are fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. Will try to get it up and running soon.

Try out a demonstration

username: pm
passwoerd: admin4pm

for pm with most of privileges.

Description about Demo Setup

The out of the box experience is not the same as shown in the screenshot as it requires few more modules to implement it. This has been done to give flexibility for the admin to change the website interface without needing to mess up with theme's template files.

More details regarding how to set up the environment is discussed in the documentation.

Change in architecture

Until a stable release of PM is made this theme would keep on undergoing changes to enhance and embrace new features. So an upgrade from a previous alpha versions would contain visual upgrades.

Versions 7.x-1.0-alpha2 and those before that, used to contain certain blocks that were hard-coded in template files. These were the date-time block and the user-profile block. These features have been moved to a separate module called Extravaganza. Once you download and enable them you can use those features just like normal blocks.

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