Event Calendar screenshot
Event Calendar screenshot

The Event Calendar module allows users to Add/Edit/View events in pop-up while clicking on a box in an “event calendar view”. This module uses the calendar display format of Calendar module and gives its own content type and views. It manages colors of events based on their status (taxonomy field) that can be set on configuration page.

This module also gives an Admin UI to change status (approval/denied) of events and a mailing system.


  • A mailing integration for approval of event
  • In-place Add/Edit/View of events in pop-up
  • Different colors of events based on their status


  • No need to add content type and import views template
  • Easy to add events (if a user permits)
  • Simple Admin UI to manage mail subject, body separately for Admin and other roles
  • Events status can be easily identified with the color of events
  • Admin UI to filter/approve/deny the event in a tabular form

As it uses calendar format for the creation of “event calendar view” so it depends on the Calendar module. If you want to use dates in pop-up then it requires Date-pop also.

Please consult the README.txt for installation instructions.

Sponsored By : OSSCube
Developers : RadheyShyam, Navneet.Chauhan, Bhupendra Singh, Ratnesh Kumar , Rajesh Saini

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