How do I change the label for size under tops in the commerce kickstarted demo?

See here I utilized the size for tops and changed it to states. BUT when I changed the label to States the change doesn't take effect (as you can see on that link). Please advise and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you ahead of time.

I attached a few screen grabs so you can see what I'm talking about with how I changed the label.


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I'm not sure what you're actually trying to do... If you want to modify the label of the size field then you just have to edit your variation type fields by clicking on "Manage fields" and then edit on "size".

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That's the thing, I changed that size to states.

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You're right I'm sorry, we're indeed updating the field labels in a hook_form_alter, See commerce_kickstart_product_ui_form_alter(), I don't know yet what should I do about that.

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so what do I have to do?

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I sent a patch to the Drupal Commerce issue queue to allow users to customize the attribute label, See #1946302: Allow attribute field titles to be customizable / translatable, you could comment the attribute title alteration from commerce_kickstart_product_ui_form_alter() and apply the patch or just modify the instance label.

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here is a patch that moves the attributes label for add to cart implementation from form_alter to features.

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